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How to take care of your Car

It is important to take good care of your car, a car is a machine and we should always keep it in good condition.

We use it for our convenience and should always keep it clean and in working condition.

Below are some points to remember while taking care of your car.

Watch the video to understand few points on taking care of your car.

1.Get your car serviced regularly

-Check Oil levels once a month

-If required, get it changed on service

-Check moving parts and greasing

-Check tyres and alignment every month

2.Wash and clean your car properly

-Regularly clean insides of your car and keep it free from any odour

-Wash your car with good quality soap

-Use quality fiber cloth for drying

-Regularly apply Wax and polish to protect paint

3.Drive responsibly

-Always prevent rash driving

-Drive carefully to prevent potholes

-Always control your speed on speed-breakers

-Maintain proper speed

-Accelerate and Decelerate properly

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