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Tips to maintain your car in good condition: It is Not as Difficult as You Think

Most car owners feel pride in their cars, their car provides comfort and convenience to them.

You should keep the car in good condition as it ensures the safety of the driver and passengers in the car.

You may find driving on roads sometimes to be a challenge as you will find some good, bad, or even worse condition roads.

If you are a car owner, or if you are planning to buy your first car you must keep in mind that it is important to maintain your car to last many years.

After owning a car, most people overlook the cost of maintaining the car and getting it serviced regularly. You can reduce your car maintenance bills, by inspecting and cleaning your car on your own regularly.

If you are looking for a DIY car maintenance checklist, here are some easy tips.

Understand your Car

Before you start driving the car, you should understand your vehicle, it is important to know how to do a primary inspection of your car. Understand your car by reading the user’s manual provided while you purchased it. It will give you important details on the features of your vehicle and few tips to prevent and troubleshoot several issues.

Regular maintenance service

It is important to perform regular servicing of your vehicle and you should not skip at any cost. Any minor issue should be fixed soon, for preventing it from developing into major problems. You should not overlook any minor/major sounds coming from your car. Listen carefully while driving or check underneath the car. If you are in doubt, get it checked.

Keep Tyres in good shape

While installing good tyres for your car and maintaining them will keep the car running smooth, it is necessary to maintain tyre pressure as it will not cause the wearing of tyres. To improve the life of tyres, you should check tyre pressure regularly and keep them at the required level, also do not forget to keep them properly aligned. A good wheel alignment ensures that your car is not drifting while driving in a straight line.

Change Engine Oil regularly

A car engine is a vital part of the system, and to function properly it should be lubricated with quality oil. It is very important to keep it in good health and prevent the wearing of moving parts.

You should check the oil levels either with the dipstick or the digital display and maintain them to the required level. Over time it will get dirty and requires to be changed regularly to keep it running longer.

Inspect vital fluids

Radiator Coolant, brake oil, power steering oil, transmission oil are various other oils you should keep checking in your car. Do follow to change them at regular intervals to save money on maintenance and keep them effective in the longer run.

Check battery

It is a good practice to regularly check the battery for water levels and rust at terminals, do not neglect the battery as it is the source of all-electric power for your car. You may find that modern-day car batteries mostly require less maintenance and are easy to clean and replace.

Replace damaged wipers

If you have damaged wipers, they can cause scratches on the windshield and thus should be replaced. You can replace the wiper blades easily on your own. A good quality wiper blade installed will maintain a clean windshield, which is most helpful during monsoons.

Repair lights and signals

Keeping all lights and signals of your car working is necessary for the safety of the vehicle. You should check them regularly and get them repaired if you find any fault in their functionality. Following this will be essential to prevent a hazard.

Replace filters and belts

The air filters need to be checked and cleaned or replaced if damaged, to not affect the car engine. It has been known, that clogging of air through the filter results in less power and mileage. You should also keep checking Spark plugs and engine belts, and if they are damaged it may also lead to efficiency and pickup issues. If they are damaged, replacing them regularly will give good performance and lower the car maintenance cost.

Keep your car spotless

You should keep your car exterior as well as interior clean and spotless. Be in a habit of washing it regularly, once every week to prevent any dirt or stain from sticking too long, and it will help to keep it shining. If you apply a wax coating after washing it will prevent rust and protect from any damage to the paint.

Regularly cleaning the interior of the car to keep it odorless is also important. Do not keep food or any odor items for long as it may damage the inner materials of the car.

Taking care of the car interior and using few household products for cleaning will retain its appearance and comfort for a long time and will save you some bills.

Using a good quality Car cover will ensure durability and retain moisture of your car. Keep your car covered at night, or if not used for a long time. Always try to park your car in covered parking or in shade, keeping it safe from sunlight.

To briefly summarize, checking for important parts, replacing damaged items or wires, and maintain the ideal fluid level and tyre pressure will give longevity to your car.  

If you follow these tips and keep this checklist close to you, you will have a pleasant driving experience and hassle-free maintenance of your car.  If you are not driving regularly or not driving at all due to work-from-home situations, you should check out these tips on, a blog to explain everything about your car maintenance if it is not getting used for a long period of time.

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